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3 Turn Water Knot

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When I tying rigs for flounders or small fish,many people will use 3 way swivels,trapped swivels with beads and crimps to tie either 2 or 3 hook flappers. I do this myself often,but I also use a quick method of tying on snoods which is the 3 turn Water Knot. This is simply a way to tie a snood to a mainline without the use of swivels etc. It's really done for speed mainly and often I do it on the beach for this reason. It's not something I do when expecting to catch large fish,but in saying that I've had decent wrasse,bass, and also some 2lb and 3lb codling on rigs while using this not "accidentally" when fishing for small species.
In this set of pictures,the mainline is 35lb yellow,and the snood line is 25lb black for ease of viewing. More normally it would be something like 12lb mainline and 8 or 10lb snoods.
Firstly cut a length of your snood line around half a metre. and lay it along your mainline with the tag end faing the sinker end of the mainline.


Now make a simple reef knot tying the two lines together.


Make a further turn on the knot.


Now lubricate with spit and tighten the knot


Trim off the tag end on the bottom side of the knot and you now have your snood fixed securely to your mainline.