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Surf Popper

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I saw lures like these being used on a Rex Hunt show one day for some strange fish in Australia and thought that I'd have a go at making them to see if they'd catch fish here.The basic idea is that you simply tie them on a 24" or so snood directly to a flat sinker and cast them out into a surfy area.The small piece of polystyrene holds the hook up from the bottom and into the disturbed water where the fish are feeding.
All you need is a hook,a small piece of polystyrene,in this case a bit of hard poly insulation,and a few feathers.
First thing is to make your polystyrene into the shape of a bullet.
Then simply whip a few feathers onto the hook with some whipping nylon or thread.If you use thread,paint the whipping with superglue or nail varnish to make it solid.Leave till dry.
Poke a hole using a bradawl or small screwdriver through your poly float.Use silicone or PVA glue to fill this hole before slipping it over the hook,remembering to leave the hook eye clear.Don't use solvent glue for this because it will melt the polystyrene.
Again,leave till dry and then paint any colour you fancy.
I've only recently made these and have only fished them twice catching mackerel the first time and a coley the second time so they do catch fish.I'm hopefull of them being attractive to bass so if anyone makes one and catches something with it,I'd love to hear about it.