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Cheap Rig Wallet

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Not exactly something to make this one,just a way to save a few quid.
Rig wallets are ideal things for keeping all your made up traces in ready for your days fishing.
A few years ago,my rig wallet gave up the ghost one day while I was enjoying a day on the rocks.
I guess I must have had it for a while,or maybe had just forgotten what I paid for it,but when I went to buy a new one I was quite surprised by the cost of the ones in the tackle shop.
Around a tenner.
After a little thought,and a visit to my local Pounstretchers store,I bought a cheap and cheerful CD wallet made of hard plastic with an all round zip for 1.99.
This holds 30 odd rigs,is reasonably waterproof,and so far has lasted around 5 years.