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Improved Blood Knot

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I use the full blood knot for all of my winter fishing,as the bait I use then does not suffer from being pushed over the knot. However,in summer I use a lot of worm baits and they can often puncture while pushing them over the sticking out tag end. So I then use the improved blood knot which results in the tag end being parallel to the mainline and therefore lets the worm slip over it with no problems.
To tie this,get to stage of passing the tag through the loop in the full blood knot.


But then turn the tag end 3 or 4 times around the twist in the knot. 


Lubricate,and then pull the tag end  back along the mainline. This will start to tighten the knot. Don't pull much tighter than this at this point.


Then slide the knot down to the eye, pulling tight, which should now result in the tag end facing back along the mainline causing no problems for the worms.