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Basic Tackle
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Hello,and welcome to my basic guide to fishing the various marks of the East Neuk of Fife.
This site was primarily created to answer the many emails that I've received through both the Topmarks site and the Sea Angling DIY  site regarding getting started in sea angling in this area,and getting over those first few problems with choice of tackle,bait and methods.
As experienced anglers will have developed their own particular preferences and styles as they've grown into their sport over the years,this site will probably not be of too much use to them,and indeed,they might well disgaree either partially or completely with what I have to say on each subject.Such is the way of sea fishing though and it's probably very unlikely that you'd get any two sea anglers to agree on any hard and fast rule or techniquie anyway.
Hopefully on the coming pages some new and inexperienced anglers will be able to pick up a tip or two which will help them in their early forays into sea angling,and maybe even cement their passion for their new hobby.
I was going to hang off publishing this site until it was fully finished but I thought I'd may as well put it up at as it is and then simply add the other bits as it goes along,so check back periodically for updates.