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Running Ledger

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This rig is used on ground where there is no thick kelp. Rocky and boulder strewn ground is fine,as is clear shingle and sand. The whole idea of this rig is to prevent fish from feeling the resistance of the sinker when they pick up the bait and move with it. Sometimes after good swells when the fish will have been feeding well,or on calmer nights when there are less fish about they can be a bit picky about the bait and often on these coccassions you get a very frustrating session of bites but no follow-up takes for you to strike. On these occassions I like to use this rig with either the ratchet of the multiplier on,or the baitrunner of the fixed spool. When the fish picks up the bait and swims with it,(hopefully swallowing it),the ratchet will run and I pick up the rod and apply a little pressure to the spool as it moves away.As the fish begins to feel the resistance it normally speeds up setting the hook.