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Flapper Rig

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When I target smaller fish like flounders for example,I would normally fish with 2 or 3 hooks on a rig,this I would describe as a Flapper rig. There are two ways that I would normally tie this rig,the first is by using the water knots described in the knots section,and the second is by using trapped swivels. This is very simple to do using copper crimps and beads either side of small swivels. Pass everything in proper order along your mainline and then set the distances between the swivels to suit the lengths of your snoods to help prevent tangling. If your snoods are 12 inches for example,then make the distance between swivels 30 inches or so and increase or decrease these distances to suit. In the illustration there is just one snood,but the method is the important part and just add snoods to suit.