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Float Rig 2

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This method uses a float which does not sit on the top of the water.The point of the float here is to let you fish the tops of the kelp,or mid water,at distances further than you could cast a float,or when there is too much wind for the normal float rig,or when there are other anglers beside you and you don't want your float to go over into their area. The float in this case must be light enough for your sinker to pull it under,but bouyant enough to lift your baited hook.Experimenting with some floats and a bucket of water in the shed beforehand is a good idea.
All you do is to pass the mainline through a snood swivel,then through your inline float,then tie to the sinker.Set your stopknot to maybe 8 to 10 feet off the bottom and then when you cast out,the float will rise with your snood until it hits the stopknot and then you can fish mid water at distance.The angle of your line will of course affect the true depths,so a little experimenting is necessary until you get the hang of it.
This same method can be applied while flounder fishing to keep your bait off the bottom a couple of inches away from crabs.