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Hello,my name is Codhead Bob,and I'm here to help you fill your tackle boxes with lots and lots of free,(or cheap),fishing tackle.
On this site I'll show you how you can make bait clips,pirks,spinners,poppers,rod rests,rail rets,tripods,grip leads,line strippers,drop nets,folding drop nets,glowing lures,swimming lures,floats to carry 5 ounces of weight,and a few other things as well,all for ridiculously cheap prices.
If you'd like to contact me about anything you see on this site,simply drop me an email at this address.

You can also check out where to fish in the East Neuk area by visiting this site.

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Or if you are fairly new to sea fishing and would like a few pointers in getting yourself started fishing the East Neuk then have a look here.

Fishing the East Neuk


Or if you're looking for a few winter spots to fish,try this site.

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This site was first published on the 1st of August 2005,and is an ongoing project so please check back now and again for future projects and pictures.