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Sandy Craig Pittenweem

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How To Get There

The Sandy Craig is a low water rock mark in the village of Pittenweem. To get to Pittenweem,follow the coast road along the east neuk. When you get there,you have to head for the west braes.This is an area on the west edge of the town where there is a swing park,skate park,and an old outdoor swimming pool.The road you need is signposted University Avenue,and is the second road to your right coming from the Leven end,and the 7th to your left coming from the St Andrews end.
When you find this road follow it until you see the sea,and when you do,you'll see the west braes.It has a large red-chip car park and as I've said there is a kids play area there.


Sandy Craig from University Avenue road showing playpark and carpark.
To get to the rock,(which is the large light couloured lump in the picture),park in the car park,and walk down towards the white shelter also seen in this top photo.When you get to the shelter follow the steps down to the old outdoor pool and work your way across the rocks to the Sandy Craig.Although a bit seaweedy and slippy,they are much more stones than boulders and quite easily navigable.


Sandy Craig at low water showing the top mark to fish.

As you can see form this picture,the rock is very large and you can fish from anywhere on it.The red dotted area though is the top spot. On a decent to high tide you'll have around 4 hours to fish from when the water parts over the sandy area,to when it closes over again,as in the next picture.


Sandy Craig on the incoming tide.

Although an extremely productive mark producing good red cod and wrasse in numbers,coley and rockling,you have to pay careful attention when you fish here.Know your tide times and you'll be fine.Arrive 2 hours before low water or so,and the sea will just be leaving that sand to let you over.After low water check your exit periodically to make sure you don't get stranded.Even if the tide catches you a bit,the depth of the water won't get over 2 feet or so for another hour after the sand covers over.Big tides fish best here with plenty in and out movement.Evening summer tides and early morning summer tides are best with calm seas.The ground is rough with reefs parallel to you so the further you cast,the more reefs you have to come back over.There has never been a place to fish that epitomises the "fish under your feet" saying,and it's possible to get 5 and 6 lb fish 10 feet out.Don't be tempted to stay on the rock over high water because on a big tide or choppy sea,it covers over and you'll get a visit from some nice men in an orange boat marked RNLI.
Not suitable for youngsters as although the area I've highlighted is reasonably safe,there are areas of this rock that are not,and exploring kids would be a no-no.