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The Hynd

General Information
How To Get Here
Ruddon's Point
Kincraig Pont
Elie Granary
Elie Lighthouse
Lady's Tower
St Monans
The Bell's Goat
Sandy Craig
West Harbour
Pan Brae
Johnny Doo's Pulpit
White Pier
The Hynd
Red Pier
Cellardyke Rocks
The Candles
Cellardyke Harbour
Scoot Skelly
Caiplie Rocks
Crail Rocks
Crail Harbour
Roome Bay
Kilminning Rocks
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
More Rigs
Salting Lugworm

How To get There

Follow direction for Anstruther,then find the Craw's Nest Hotel on the Pittenweem road on the west end of the town.Take the turn-off at the Craws,and head down that road until you come to the golf club.There is parking here,or street parking if it's busy.Take the footpath along the foreshore and immediately to you left is a bathing beach.This is the Hynd.


Easterly View From path

This area forms a natural bay which can be fished from either the rocks at each side of it,or the beach when the tide is full in and the weather is too rough for the rocks.


You can see in this picture that the bay can be fished from both sides from low water until nearly full tide,(this picture was taken at approx 2 hours of flood),and produces very good codling in the winter time when an easterly swell is running due to the nature of the rocks edges which curl together as the go outwards channeling the fish into the bay.Fishing better at night,this venue produced a 9 1/2lb cod in december 05.