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St Monans Breakwater

General Information
How To Get Here
Ruddon's Point
Kincraig Pont
Elie Granary
Elie Lighthouse
Lady's Tower
St Monans
The Bell's Goat
Sandy Craig
West Harbour
Pan Brae
Johnny Doo's Pulpit
White Pier
The Hynd
Red Pier
Cellardyke Rocks
The Candles
Cellardyke Harbour
Scoot Skelly
Caiplie Rocks
Crail Rocks
Crail Harbour
Roome Bay
Kilminning Rocks
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
More Rigs
Salting Lugworm

How To Get There

Very easy to get to,just find the village along the coast road from Elie,and head down towards the harbour.Turn to your left at the bottom of the hill when you come to it.There is plenty of street parking here so that should be easy.Look for a very large boatbuilding shed as you cannot see the breakwater from the shore road very easily.The shed is on the foot of the pier you are looking for.
Go up this pier and around 30 yards from the end,there is a small metal ladder on the harbour wall.Climb up this and you'll then see the breakwater.Climb down the back of the wall and out the breakwater.It's a bit restricted for room right at the end because of the tripod beacon,and it's a case of two's compnay and three's a crowd.You can fish towards the May Island over the back of the breakwater,but the kelp is very thick so be prepared.


St Monans Breakwater From West Braes
In this picture taken from the west end of St Monans,you can see how the breakwater sticks out at 90 degrees from the back of the pier.


Area To Fish From
Here you can see the tripod at the end of the breakwater.You probably have room for two rods to fish right at the end,but the area where you see the lifebelt is also productive.Be very careful on this pier when the weather is choppy as it takes a lot of water especially on a high tide.As you can see the high wall at the end gives shelter but the lower part that you have to walk over to get there has breaking water over it when it's rough,and you can get cut off.Be careful.
This mark will produce very good red cod in the summer,up to double figures,along with very good wrasse,coley and pollack.I've also seen decent conger from here,but not very often.If you're thinking about winter fishing here,you're a brave man.Personally I wouldn't try it.
Ground here is very rough.Kelp,rocks,boulders,but doesn't seem too greedy on your tackle for some reason.Maybe the kelp is a bit short and thin,maybe the height of the pier helps,who knows. Fishes best for me on a quiet summer night,or quiet early morning.Can be fished at any stage of the tide,but my own preference is half water to full,and back down again.
Not suitable for very young anglers,or anybody who has problems climbing over the pier.

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