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General Information

General Information
How To Get Here
Ruddon's Point
Kincraig Pont
Elie Granary
Elie Lighthouse
Lady's Tower
St Monans
The Bell's Goat
Sandy Craig
West Harbour
Pan Brae
Johnny Doo's Pulpit
White Pier
The Hynd
Red Pier
Cellardyke Rocks
The Candles
Cellardyke Harbour
Scoot Skelly
Caiplie Rocks
Crail Rocks
Crail Harbour
Roome Bay
Kilminning Rocks
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
More Rigs
Salting Lugworm

The information that I'll give you on these pages is based on my own fishing experiences in these areas,and those of fishing friends of mine. Times to fish and tides to fish are certainly not set in stone and you may well find that someone else who has fished these places will give you a different opinion.Such is sea angling as I'm sure you are all aware. You may easily find that going at "the wrong time" may give you a bagfull of fish,and by following my lead you'll blank.
Likewise bait is really a matter of personal preference,and I don't think it's worth saying much about specific baits for each mark.I use just about anything I can lay my hands on including crab,lug,rag, squid,herring, mackerel ,razorfish, mussels,lures, spinners,jellies etc. All that I can say is that it seems that the winter fish in this area will take all the above ,but the summer fish don't seem to have much interest in the squid or the fish baits.But,again,that's maybe only something that you'll be able to gauge by trying them yourself.
Another thing I'd like to mention is that there are probably a hundred rock marks between Elie and Crail and more often than not they'll hold fish.At almost any point where you have kelp beds,you'll have red cod.For this site I have concentrated on the rock marks that are both productive and relatively safe.Rock marks that give you at least 2 or 3 hours fishing without having to constantly watch your back,and constantly move to keep away from the incoming tide.If anyone has other rock marks in this region that they fish and feel that they fulfill this criteria,please do email me and I'd be happy to include it on this site.
Last thing I'd like to say here is do not go fishing these rock marks alone,and do not go fishing them in rough weather. None of the rock marks here are suitable for rough weather and you would be very foolish to try to do it.Always fish with a  friend as no matter how sure footed you think you are,you just never know when you might tip over into the drink.And in these sort of places.You won't get out.
If you do fish any of these marks and get some fish,I'd be delighted to see a picture,hear of your experiences,and be very happy to instigate an area on this site to show off such info.You can contact me at this address -