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Anstruther Red Pier

General Information
How To Get Here
Ruddon's Point
Kincraig Pont
Elie Granary
Elie Lighthouse
Lady's Tower
St Monans
The Bell's Goat
Sandy Craig
West Harbour
Pan Brae
Johnny Doo's Pulpit
White Pier
The Hynd
Red Pier
Cellardyke Rocks
The Candles
Cellardyke Harbour
Scoot Skelly
Caiplie Rocks
Crail Rocks
Crail Harbour
Roome Bay
Kilminning Rocks
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
More Rigs
Salting Lugworm

How To Get There
Follow instructions for White Pier,but head along to the opposite end of the harbour by the lifeboat shed.Surprisingly enough,the Red pier is the one with the Red lighthouse.


Red pier viewed from car park

In the above picture I have highlighted the summer marks to fish on this pier.The furthest left is known as 'The Blocks' and is reached by climbing a ladder at the bend of the pier.It's a concrete buttress fitted to the pier in the 30s and although not hugely wide when you get up to it, 2 or 3 people can fish it comfortably.It's better here to hold your rod as there's not a lot of room for rod rests,and fulmars zoom in extremely close and it's not the fist time a rod has gone over here. Good red cod and good wrasse are common here,with coleys to keep you occupied.The ground is pretty rough so be prepared for it,but if you don't fish into the kelp,you're not gonna see a red cod.
The next mark is known as 'In The Corner' and is nice and sheltered in an easterly wind. The other highlight just denotes the rest of the point of the pier where cod,wrasse,coley, pollack and conger can be caught at any time of year,but much more comfortably in the summer.Fine for the kids too with coley,small wrasse,and flounder down the side. Again,ground is heavy but productive.


Red pier showing winter marks.

These marks highlighted can be extremely productive given the right conditions of spring tide,and easterly swell.The ground here is rocky but not too heavy.One afternoon last winter I saw 4 cod of approaching double figures come off here in 10 minutes.It's one of those marks though that is either great or rubbish.The weather's the key.