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Large Floats

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I have to hold my hands up here and say that I am a huge fan of float fishing.As a young boy all my dad and me ever used to catch cod was a handline and a cork float.I tried to use some of the large sea floats but found that they were fine for short distance work,but couldn't carry enough weight for a long cast.With this float,you can comfortably use 4,5,or even 6 ounces of weight will no problems at all.
All you need to do this is a kids drinks bottle,small angle bracket,nut and bolt,and...that's it.
Firstly,drill a hole to suit your bolt in the lid of your bottle.If you make the hole 1mm less than the girth of your bolt,being plastic your bolt will "screw" in making a good seal.
Tighten up with a washer and nut,remembering to have the bracket on the outside of the lid first,as in the picture.
If you want you can put a squeeze of silicone into the cap before you tighten up the nut and washer to give a watertight seal,but as the float sits with the bottle upside down as it were,you don't have to.
And that's it,float made.What I usually do now is to pass an 8 or 10mm split rig through the bracket,and then a 5mm split ring though the 10mm one.This just serves to have the line slightly farther away from the bracket and makes sure that an 8mm stop bead has no way of passing through.I also use a 5mm bead as a stop to the depth knot first,as in this picture.
If you skim these floats over kelp beds as I do for cod,coley ,wrasse etc,you can't help but catch the weed sometimes,but as these floats are virtually free,it doesn't matter if you lose a few.