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Glow Lure

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I'm sure you've tried those supposed glow in the dark lures which seem to give off as much light as a black cat in a coal box. This is not like those lures because this one really does shine in dark water on a dark night.
To make it you'll need a clear coloured soft plastic lure,(if that makes sense),in this case a Berkley Powergrub,a chemical light,and a hook.

Take your lure and poke a hole through it with a bradawl or small screwdriver.

Break your chemical light,moisten it with spit and insert it into your lure.Feed the lure onto your hook as normal.

And there you have it,one genuine glow in the dark lure.I was using this one winter's night trying for cod and had to take it off because it was attracting so much coleys.