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Updates 2

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The Folding Drop Net
The original drop net design worked perfectly well as long as it was used from a pier or overhanging rock where the net could be lowered straight down into the sea.The problems came when the pier or rock sloped away from you,stopping the net from laying flat on the water.
What was needed was a floating drop net.By using a 2 inch wide cutting from a 600mm diameter plastic manhole riser,(yes I know,they're not the sort of thing that most people can lay their hands on,but in my job they are all over the place),to cut down the weight of the rim while still giving good strength,and adding a 2 inch by 3/4 inch polystyrene "belt" around this rim,I ended up with a 2 foot wide drop net which can be chucked out from the pier or rock and floats so that you can guide your fish over it.


The float is simply taped over with waterproof tape to match the colour of the rim,and then the whole thing can be folded flat for easy tranportation.