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Gripping Leads

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As everyone knows,gripping leads are a great way of holding the ground when you are fishing in a strong tide,a good wind,or choppy seas.The downside of them is that they are quite a bit dearer than plain leads,and if you fish them on rocky ground,they may snag and cause you to lose your trace.
Using this method you can covert your plain leads to grips,and because they use softer wire,you can still use them on rocky ground.
All you need is your plain lead and some strips of copper wire obtained from scrap electric cable.
Simply clamp your lead in a vice and drill a hole throught the bottom end.
Pass two wires through the hole,fold them over the bottom of the lead,and give them a couple of twists with your pliers.You now have a gripping lead.
Being copper wire,if you drop down between a couple of rocks,a good pull simply staightens out the wires and 9 times out of 10,you get you trace back.You can also vary the gauge of the wire to vary the stregth of pull required depending on the ground you're fishing.Using cooker wire,ring main wire,and light circuit wire gives you these options.