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Weighted Wooden Plug

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This is another one of those things I started to make after seeing the professional version being used on an angling show on the telly.
All you need for this is a bit of wood about 3 inches by 1 inch,in this case a piece of beechwood that came from one of the spars in the bottom of a dollies cot that we were putting to the tip,(or whatever you fancy really),one of the small lead 'bars' that we made for the lead spinners,3 screw in eyes,2 spilt rings,two trebles,and a clip swivel.
First thing to do is to give your wood some weight.
Drill a hole down the length of the wood,making sure not to come out of the bottom of course.This hole can be varied in diameter to vary the weight of the lure.Or drill two or 3 holes of smaller diameter,it's up to you to experiment.
Half fill the hole with either silicone or PVA glue.
Insert your lead bar into this hole and set aside to dry.Do a few of these at a time if you like.
Next cut out the rough shape that you want the lure to be.
From the top view you can see that the wood is straight on both sides.This will not wiggle in the water.
You need to sand out a section of the middle on one side,and of the two ends on the other side to make the work a sort of curved shape.This is what will give you the swimming motion in your lure.
It doesn't matter if you expose the lead inside your lure at this stage,because it'll all be painted over eventually anyway.
Now all you have to do is fit your hardware.Using a tiny 1 or 2mm drill,pre-drill the areas where your screwed eyes will go.One in the head end for the line,one in the tail end for a trebel,and one in the middle somewhere for your other treble.By this pre-drilling you'll be able to screw through the lead too if you hit it with the eye.Before I screw in the eyes,I put a few drops of superglue in the holes.
Now simply paint your lures in nice dayglo colours and maybe even stick on some googly eyes.You can paint them at any stage after you've sanded out the shape of course.
I have no idea what fish these are likely to catch,the only fish I've managed on one is mackerel which probably isn't the greatest advert as they'll grab just about anything as you all know.Maybe bass might be interested and I think pike ceratinly would.I'll post a picture if I catch something.