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Swimming Lure

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This is one for when you're fishing off a high pier or cliff and 99% of the time your baits will be sitting on the bottom.Using this method you can present bait from the surface right down to your main baits.
You'll need for this only a clip swivel,a 24" or so length of mono,a small lead weight or large split shot,a hook and some bait.In this example I'm using a soft plastic red sandeel but any type of bait will work.

The method is simply to tie up your snood as normal with your baited hook on one end and your clip swivel on the other,but have your lead weight somewhere between the two.(You may ned to experiment just where to put it depending on weather,sea conditions etc).
After you've cast out your main line and given it a wee while to settle so that you can take up the mainline slack,clip your swivel over your mainline and the weighted bait will slide down the line into the water and slowly down to your top trace swivel presenting your bait right through the water layers.Works very well with live sandeels.
Of course you can't strike a fish taking this bait but the fish does not feel the same resistance and it lets your try something a bit different.