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Basic Materials

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The whole point of this site is very simply to give you a few ideas that you can use to make your own sea fishing tackle for either a very low price,or completely free.
If you are lucky and either work in,or have a friend who works in the building trade you're very lucky because a lot of the materials used on these projects are obtained as scrap from building sites and house renovations.If you don't then keep an eye out for building work going on and have a look in their skips,or rubbish piles or just ask around.
The type of materials you're looking for is scrap cable,copper piping,wire,wood,lead,netting,metal brackets,rhone hooks etc.As the stuff you'll need is being bunged out anyway,there shouldn't be much of a problem in getting some nice builder bloke to give you some.
For some things you'll need to buy such things as mending plates,nuts and bolts,washers,brackets etc,which you'll easily find at B&Q,Focus,Homebase,etc for a couple of quid.
I'm certainly not making claims that these items are any better than the ones that you'll buy in tackle shops,but they are much cheaper,and being home made may well give you a great sense of satisfaction when you try them out and they work.
At the very least they'll give you something fishing orientated to do in your shed or workshop when the tide's are rubbish or the weather's foul. (or just to keep out the missus' way for a while)
If you do ever complete some of these projects and catch a fish with it,why not send in either a report or a picture or both,and I'll include it on this site.