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More Large Floats

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This is really just a variation on the last project.It has no advantages or disadvantages on the last design,but uses a slightly different method which may help in what bits and pieces you can get hold of.Sometimes it's not easy to find those small brackets for instance.
For this one you need a twist off squeezy type drinks bottle,piece of wood,small nut and bolt,and a scew eye.
Firstly cut the very top off your bottle with a stanley knife or hacksaw.
Either use the correct size of a piece of dowelling,or whittle down a piece of wood to fit snuggly into the open end.Smother it with some silicone to give both a bit of lubrication and to form a watertight seal,and shove it in.
All you have to do now is to drill a hole sideways through the neck of the bottle through the wood to the correct size for your bolt,and tighten it up firmly.This bolt is simply to keep the wooden "stopper" snuggly into the neck of the bottle during casting.
Now you need to screw in your screwed eye into the bottom end of your bottle to provide the loop through which to pass your mainline.Remember to use your two beads again when you set up.Use a 5mm bead to brake against your depth knot first,and then another bead of a size to suit the hole in your screwed eye.That is big enough  not to pull through it.
I've tied a 4 ounce weight to this float to try and show that it still has 4 or 5 inches of float showing when floating in a bucket of water.This weight carrying capability is what lets you cast these floats a good distance out.