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Eco Friendly Line Stripper

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I came up with this idea after taking some rubbish to the tip one sunday.As I got there a couple of blokes were pulling a seagull out from the rubbish which was all tied up with mono line.It had obviously been picking at something in the skip and gotten tangled up.The line had gone right through it's wing joint,it's legs,and cut right through the corner of it's jaw.Someone had thought that as long as his old line went in the bin,then it would be safe enough.
Anyway,this method lets you strip reels quickly of old line,and dispose of it safely.
You'll need a drill,a small drinks bottle,a 2ltr drinks bottle and a piece of dowelling.
First,cut off 4 inches or so from the bottom of the large bottle.Then drill a hole in the lid of the small bottle,a couple of mm smaller than your dowelling.
Insert the dowelling into the top of the small bottle making sure it's a fairly tight fit.Use a little tape if you like,but this dowelling has to be pulled out later so not too much.
Drill or punch a small hole in the side of the large bottle  about half way down.
Pass the end of your mono from the reel through this hole and out of the bottom,and tie it around the middle of the small bottle.
Take the cork out of the large bottle and drop the small bottle assembly into it so that the dowelling pokes well out of the cork end.
Take the part of the large bottle that you cut off,and tape it back onto the main part of the large bottle.It will fit either inside or outside of it quite easily.
Clamp your dowelling end into your drill and switch on.
Of course the small bottle will whizz round stripping your reel in seconds. 
Now pull out the dowelling and screw the cork back onto the large bottle.Your mono is now contained and well away from any nosy animals,ready for the bin.